Home of The Beastie with Mostie: Providing Meshnets for all the world


Routers, preferabbly with wifi bridging ability
Wifi Dongles, ANY Antannae
Money, No shit
External Hard Drives, Internal Hardrives
Raspberry Pi's or equivelant
Energy Drinks
Like minded company, in good or grumpy spirits

How it works:

I ask people and places of business for a small amount of electricity to place my routers which will bridge to each other, they will be at minimum connected to external drives with some permanent and immutable information. They will have some space for exchanging information. I will try, but don't know if I will be successful in subsidizing internet connections for the meshnets. Worse case scenario, I will have some sort of cell service that can vpn, into to maintain the nets. And add new info.

Acceptable Drive: Bipra 80Gb 80 Gb 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive Portable Usb 2.0 - Blue - Ntfs

Perfect Router GL-MT300A-Ext, smart mini router, 128MB RAM, MicroSD card, 300Mbps WiFi, OpenWrt pre-installed, Repeater, Tethering, OpenVPN
Second Perfect Router glmt300n


Rubber Ducky
Ubertooth One
Yardstick One
Lan Turtle
Basic SDR
Basic Plugin Router
Various Ant.
Macbook Air
Dell XPS
Older Toshiba
Dell 2950 Server, or two
Various routers
Various Dongles
Various Ant.